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How to earn points

Place orders <br>Every £1 spent = 1 point
Place orders
Every £1 spent = 1 point
Challenges and quizzes
Challenges and quizzes
Refer a friend
Refer a friend


Free gifts
Free gifts
Monthly prize draws
Monthly prize draws
Money off vouchers
Money off vouchers
Protect your own acre of rainforest
Protect your own acre of rainforest
And many, many more… Start earning now

Frequently Asked Questions

Kit & Kin Rewards

How does the Kit & Kin Family work? 

You might already know that each Kit & Kin product you buy helps protect acres of rainforest forever! Think of the Kit & Kin Family as our fun way of saying thank you!

But that's not all! The Kit & Kin Family is a place to share your parenting journey with like-minded mums and dads, as well as a fun way to find inspiration and ideas for raising your little one in an eco conscious way.

If you are already a customer, you simply need to login once to the Kit & Kin Family, and use the same email address (it will pull through automatically if you are logged in).

Then you can:

  • Earn points - one point for every £1 you spend.

  • Points for fun missions like social sharing and environmental challenges.

  • Extra points for referring friends.

  • Bonus points if you have a nappy subscription.

Once you have made your purchase or completed your mission, you will get a notification of your new points on your Kit & Kin Family page.

And just like a mighty rainforest tree, we want to see you grow. By earning points you make your way through our tiers, from a seed all the way to a magnificent rainforest, you will unlock all kinds of discounts, gifts, prize draws and much more.

What are the tiers? 

Your membership will be an exciting journey from seed to sapling, then canopy to our top tier of rainforest. How quickly you reach the top tier will depend on how many fun missions you complete, how many orders you make. Being a subscriber will take you to the top tiers fastest.

What are the rewards? 

As you progress through the tiers your rewards increase with every step! Earlier tiers include free prize draws, early access and referral codes. By the later tiers you receive free gifts, money off vouchers, bigger prize draws and access to private groups. 

How do I redeem my rewards? 

Depending on the reward, you will either be given access right away when you reach the relevant tier, or you will receive a promotion code to use at checkout (for free gifts for example). 

How are the social sharing/image missions counted? 

When you use our hashtag we can see that you have completed an image challenge. These will usually be very fun and you’ll see others posting using the same hashtags. Then you’re ready to become Kit & Kin celebs! Any images you upload for challenges may be used on the Kit & Kin Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, emails, website or even Co-Founder Emma Bunton’s social channels! Keep an eye out to see where your snaps might appear! 

Quick tip - we totally understand that not everyone posts pictures of baby publicly. If you still want to take part in the fun and you’d rather baby’s face doesn’t appear in images, then we can suggest our nappies look amazing from the back where the cute animal face is. Alternatively, you can use emojis and stickers to ensure your little one’s face is not in the shot. 

How do I refer a friend? 

Get points and rewards when you help other parents become Kit & Kin subscribers through your unique referral code (after the Just Joined tier).

We will give you 300 points for every time you introduce a new subscriber to Kit & Kin. And we will give them a whopping 25% off their first subscription order. And here's the best bit: For every 5 people you refer, we will buy and protect 25 rainforest trees in your name. You will receive a certificate to show that they will be protected forever!

Simply ask your friends to use your very own referral code at checkout!

Feel free to share your code via email, text message, in your favourite WhatsApp group or even on your social media channels. It could sound something like: Use my code to get 25% off your Kit & Kin nappy subscription! (Don't forget to include your code when sharing!)