Size 2 Nappies Sizing Guide

Size 2 nappies weight bracket: 4-8kg / 9-18lbs

Nappies size guide
Weight2-5 kgs
4-11 lbs
4-8 kgs
9-18 lbs
6-10 kgs
13-22 lbs
9-14 kgs
20-31 lbs
11+ kgs
24+ lbs
14+ kgs
31+ lbs
Approx. age

up to 2


per day

You probably don’t have a cute milestone card for this moment but it’s a big one! Baby’s first nappy size up! You might now have had some early smiles (or is that just air?!) and baby will be growing a little more active each day. If you still have lots of questions regarding sizing, you are not alone! ‘When to start using size 2 nappies?’ and ‘How big are size 2 nappies?’ are only two of the things parents at this stage tend to ask us. 

So let’s clear this up once and for all! How long do size 2 nappies last? As a rough guide, most babies fit into size 2 between the ages of 2 and 6 months, with some progressing into size 3 as early as 3 months old. In terms of how many size 2 nappies you need, you can expect your little one will go through approximately 8 nappies per day. For more information on all things nappy sizing, age and quantity, have a look at our Ultimate Nappy Size & Fit Guide.

Kit & Kin size 2 nappies come in our adorable mouse and panda designs. With baby’s eyes now able to follow moving objects, incorporating our animals into your changing routine is a fun way of interacting at this age.

Keep in mind that our size 2 nappy size guide should be used as just that, a guide. All babies are different so to help you decide when to move up from size 1 or change to size 3 nappies, we have put together a handy five point checklist  for you. Spoiler alert: the bigger the size, the more absorbent the nappy.

We’ve done the hard work for you, and have spent years creating the most comfortable, sustainable and stylish nappy on the market. Our ultra slimline design has won 26 industry awards including Most Ethical Brand,  so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice for your little one and our planet. 

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