Size 8 Nappy Pants Sizing Guide

Size 8 nappy pants weight bracket: 19 kg+ / 41 lbs+

Nappy pants size guide
Weight9-14 kgs
20-31 lbs
11+ kgs
24+ lbs
14+ kgs
31+ lbs

15+ kg

33+ lbs

19 kg+

41 lbs+

What weight are size 8 nappies for?

Our size 8 nappy pants are for little ones weighing more than 41lbs, or over 19kg. It’s important to remember that toddlers come in all shapes and sizes - so this could be from around age 3 upwards, or even earlier if your child is tall.  

Perfect for potty training, our eco nappy pants are a comfortable way to transition your toddler from nappies to real pants. To find out more about whether size 8 pull up nappies are right for your little one, have a read of our Ultimate Nappy Size & Fit Guide.

When should I switch to pull up nappies?

Many parents find that when their little ones start toddling about, pull up nappies make changes quicker and easier. If you’re thinking about potty training, then our size 8 nappy pants are ideal for boosting their confidence. They’re comfortable for your little one to wear, easy to take on and off and help to catch those little accidents. 

Our range of eco nappy pants are also great for busy toddlers who are always on the go. The stretchy waistband leaves plenty of wiggle room for all that running, jumping and climbing your toddler does, whilst our clever flash dry technology makes sure that they’ll get up to 12 hours leak protection.

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