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Size 6 Nappies Sizing Guide

Size 6 nappies weight bracket: 14+kg / 31+lbs

Your little chatterbox might now have celebrated their second birthday! ‘No help!’ might be a phrase you’re very familiar with as your child becomes more independent. Some children begin dropping their naps at this age, but it’s important to ensure they get 11-14 hours of sleep each day. Size 6 nappies are ideal for the added absorbency required for those longer night sleeps. Ours come with fun dog and penguin designs which your little one will love. Our ultra slimline design has won 26 industry awards including Most Ethical Brand, so you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice for your little one.

A question we hear a lot is “What age do size 6 nappies fit to?”. This is very difficult to answer because each child is so different. Generally, size 6 fits little ones until they’re potty trained between the ages of 2 and 3. So, what’s after size 6 nappies then? Our nappy pants in size 6 are that little bit bigger and ideal for night time use or taller toddlers. Have a look at our five point guide to the signs to look out for when you think that little bumper might be due a size upgrade.

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Nappies size guide
Size 1: 2-5kg / 4-11lbs
Size 2: 4-8kg / 9-18lbs
Size 3: 6-10kg / 13-22lbs
Size 4: 9-14kg / 20-31lbs
Size 5: 11+kg / 24+lbs
Size 6: 14+kg / 31+lbs

Nappy pants size guide
Size 4: 9-15kg / 20-33lbs
Size 5: 12-17kg / 27-38lbs
Size 6: 15+kg / 33lbs+

Size 6 Nappies Sizing Guide