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Size 3 Nappies Sizing Guide

Size 3 nappies weight bracket: 6-10kg / 13-22lbs

Size 3 already? If you feel as though you are moving through your nappy sizes at lightning speed, you will be pleased to know that size 3 usually stays around a bit longer. It’s also the size your little one will likely learn to sit unaided in. 

So what age are size 3 nappies best for? It’s important to remember that nappy sizing does not depend on age. It doesn't even entirely depend on weight but rather on the specific needs of your little one. For a general rule of thumb on age and weight brackets, have a look at our Ultimate Nappy Size & Fit Guide, where we also answer all your most burning nappy questions, such as “When to move to size 3 nappies?” and “How many size 3 nappies will I need?”. 

Perfect for these first photos of your sitting baby, Kit & Kin size 3 nappies come in our unBEARlievably beautiful bear and bunny designs. Most importantly though, they are the most accredited eco nappy on the market, so you can trust that you are doing your bit to protect the resources of the world your little one will grow up in.

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Nappies size guide
Size 1: 2-5kg / 4-11lbs
Size 2: 4-8kg / 9-18lbs
Size 3: 6-10kg / 13-22lbs
Size 4: 9-14kg / 20-31lbs
Size 5: 11+kg / 24+lbs
Size 6: 14+kg / 31+lbs

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Size 4: 9-15kg / 20-33lbs
Size 5: 12-17kg / 27-38lbs
Size 6: 15+kg / 33lbs+

Size 3 Nappies Sizing Guide