pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle
pregnancy bundle

pregnancy bundle

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Looking to get prepared for little one’s arrival? Our pregnancy bundle is perfect for you, containing a month’s worth of eco nappies (plus optional biodegradable wipes & sacks) to get you through the early days – and then we’ll send you your essentials every month after this. Simply sign up once, and then sit back and relax.

How does it work?
We send you your first order now, so that you’re all stocked up for baby’s arrival. We’ll then send you your next order 3 weeks after your due date, when you’re starting to get low again. After this point, your orders will recur every 3 weeks – but you can edit this frequency at any time within your account, as well as changing your nappy size or which products you’d like to receive.

What you get in the pregnancy pack:

  • 4 x packs of super cute size 1 nappies (owl & lamb designs)

We also recommended adding your extras:

  • 4 x packs of plant-based, 99% water baby wipes
  • 2 x rolls of biodegradable nappy sacks

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Enjoy these amazing benefits

What you could get in the Pregnancy bundle

Super absorbent eco nappies

eco nappies

Naturally Dry
Approved by dermatologists, our hypoallergenic nappies provide premium plant-based performance.
Kit and Kin earth friendly baby wipes

biodegradable baby wipes

Naturally Clean
99% water, 100% biodegradable baby wipes to cleanse and protect delicate skin.
Kit & Kin biodegradable nappy sacks

biodegradable nappy bags

Naturally Clean
Biodegradable and fragrance-free nappy sacks for quick and easy disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting your world, naturally

When you choose Kit & Kin, you’re helping to protect our planet.

Our responsibility

Better for your baby

At Kit & Kin we understand that your number one priority is giving your little ones the best possible start in life and ensuring they are safe, healthy and happy. So we’ve developed a range of natural and effective products for families which you can trust. Containing only the gentlest ingredients and materials with no harsh chemicals, our products are specially created to be kind to the most sensitive of skin.

Better for our world

We care not only about your little world but our big world too. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure we’re doing what we can to preserve the planet’s natural resources and reduce our environmental impact, which is why we use eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials and ingredients throughout our product ranges.

Giving back

Every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation. Thanks to your support we help protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare. Together, we can make a real difference.

Cruelty free and vegan

Kit & Kin are proud to be a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). By purchasing cruelty-free products you can help save a number of animals from excruciating tests and a lifetime of suffering.

Does the brand you use test on animals? You can check out here

As seen in

Kit & Kin’s sustainable credentials run deep. The makers of eco wipes and nappies (the kind that you would want to use), they have also branched out into clothing made from sustainable cotton. Plus, for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions sold, they will purchase and protect one acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust.
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