6 ways to use washing up liquid

6 ways to use washing up liquid

Washing up liquid is one of those true staples in your cleaning cupboard that will surprise you with their versatility. While you might have a dishwasher for your plates, glasses and cutlery, here are 6 reasons why the humble washing up liquid will always remain relevant.

1. Dishes that need to be washed by hand

kitchen cupboard

Grandma's good china, your grown-up glasses, those cast iron pans and the sharp knives - sometimes your dishwasher can’t compete with some good old fashioned elbow grease. Scented with essential grapefruit and orange oil, our concentrated washing up liquid adds a zing to washing up time whilst being kinder to our planet.

2. Grease stains & grass stains 


If you’re like us, getting through that pasta without spilling any of  it down your top will forever feel like a high-5-moment. Grease stains are particularly tricky on fabrics, but the good news is that washing up liquid is fantastic at cutting through grease. Simply wet the stain and apply a drop of product before washing. This also works beautifully on your little explorer’s trousers when they’re covered in grass stains. 

3. Makeup brushes

makup brushes

Let’s be honest - in the midst of adulting, putting makeup on in the morning and removing it before bed time is an achievement. Cleaning our makeup brushes on the other hand is a tedious job best put off. Enter Kit & Kin washing up liquid. Its 100% naturally derived formula makes it gentle (especially our 100% naturally derived formula) and great at cutting through oil. Voilà: your new best friend when dealing with sticky makeup. 

Pro tip: Place a makeup brush cleaning mat (or a simple kitchen colander) in your sink and add warm water. Wet your brush, add a drop of product to it and swipe it across the mat or the holes of the colander repeatedly in circular motions. Rinse, repeat and be amazed at just how much makeup your little brush has been clinging on to

4. Hair brushes


Do you wash your hair almost every day? This one's for you! If your hair goes back to feeling greasy shortly after washing, your hair brush might just be the culprit. Your hair’s natural oils are transferred onto it every time you use it - and then subsequently back into your freshly washed hair.

Pro tip: Soak your brush regularly in a solution of warm water and washing up liquid. You might just be able to drop a hair wash or two!

5.) Shower screens

shower screens

Soap scum is nearly as infamous as makeup as when it comes to cleaning. Combined with water stains, it makes our shower screens dull over time and particularly tricky to keep clean.

Pro tip:  Add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to a wet sponge and give your screen a good wipe. Rinse and be amazed.

6.) Oil stains on your driveway


Kit & Kin washing up liquid is biodegradable and extra kind to marine life, making it completely safe to use outdoors. Use it on concrete, pavers and tarmac to wave goodbye to pesky oil stains.


Finding clever products that are truly versatile is one of the best ways of cutting down on the amounts of things we buy and ultimately transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle. Our vegan, biodegradable, plant-derived eco cleaning product range is perfect for just that.


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