Our new adorable animal nappy designs

Our new adorable animal nappy designs

Here at Kit & Kin, everything we do is better for baby, better for the world AND gives back. Our nappies are at the very heart of this philosophy. Not only do they keep baby super dry and comfortable thanks to patented technology but they’re also the most accredited eco nappies on the planet AND they give back by protecting rainforest as well as helping out closer to home.

Our new adorable animal nappy designs

But we like to have a bit of fun, too. We always knew we wanted the design of our nappies to stand out. So we took inspiration from the natural world around us and added an adorable animal face to the back of every super cute nappy.

And we’re very excited to share that we have recently had some new additions to the family! Meet lamb, owl, mouse, lion, hedgehog and raccoon! This means our little bunch is now 18 animals strong. Each size comes with a mix of two friends for your little one and you to choose from.

    Our new adorable animal nappy designs

    And there’s more good news! We take pride in listening to our customers and a lot of you have been asking for smaller nappy pants. That’s why our nappy pants now come in sizes 4,5 and 6 to see your little one through from wriggling to potty training. They even feature a new, super soft all-round stretch waistband for a snug yet cosy fit. 

    To add some fun to change time and make your baby’s bum the cutest, try our nappies here.


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