What to pack for baby’s summer holiday

What to pack for baby’s summer holiday

‘Having a baby won’t stop us from travelling’ - sound familiar? In the run-up to parenthood, many of us have said these words. But when baby is here and it’s time to pack, the idea of a holiday suddenly becomes much less appealing. Packing for a new person for the first time is a whole new ballgame, partly because said person will likely demand your attention whilst you’re doing your best not to forget anything.

At Kit & Kin, we know a thing or two about babies, so we’ve compiled a packing list of everything you will need for baby’s first summer holiday. We hope this will allow you to think less and pack better so that you can tick off as you go - and pick back up after feeding or changing your little one.

So let’s get packing for baby!



Baby in pram on holiday

Planes, trains and automobiles - here’s what you need to get baby from A to B.

  • Pushchair
    Most airports will allow you to take yours to the gate and some offer courtesy prams.

  • Sling
    Especially handy for those gorgeous cobbled cliffside old towns

  • Pram sunshade
    Saves you having to keep repositioning the parasol while keeping baby comfortable

  • Car seat
    Some parents choose to bring their own when renting a car. Rental car companies tend to overcharge for them and they tend to offer more basic models than what you might be used to. If you decide to bring your own, check with your airline. They might allow you to bring it on board as cabin luggage.


Hand luggage

Teddy bear suitcase in nursery

Half the fun is getting there! Or is it? While the days of catching up on your reading or your favourite TV show while travelling might be on hold for a couple of years, these bits and pieces will help keep everybody happy on the road.

  • Travel toys
    The quintessential truth of air travel with a baby on your lap is: Once a toy hits the ground, it’s gone. So any sensory toy will do, just make sure you can strap it to yourself or baby.
  • Muslin
    Aka blanket, privacy screen, toy, mop. Is there anything a muslin cannot do?
  • Essential medication

  • Expressed milk/baby formula & food/snacks
    100ml restrictions won’t apply to baby’s food or drink
  • Bibs, beakers, spoons, ziploc bag for used items

  • Dummies & dummy steriliser

  • Passport

  • Travel insurance documents


Changing bag

Baby changing bag

Your eco essentials for baby’s bottom and beyond. Most airlines will allow you to bring a baby bag on board (on top of your own hand luggage).

  • Nappy cream
    Our certified natural magic salve is also great for dribble rash, dry skin and dry lips. So remember to pack a second pot for yourself.
  • Changing mat



Baby in organic cotton onesie eating a banana


No doubt, one of the hardest things to pack for ourselves, clothing is surprisingly straight forward (and light) for baby.

Dad putting baby to bed

  • Sleepsuits
    Ours are so soft, extra cute and made from 100% organic cotton
  • Night light

  • Story book

  • Travel cot
    Check with your accommodation if you need this - most hotels and rentals will provide a bed for baby. Also worth keeping in mind that most airlines allow you to bring only 2 bulky baby items (pram, travel cot, car seat, back carrier …) free of charge.
  • Sleeping bag
    In hot temperatures, we recommend a sleeping bag made from 100% natural materials because they are very light and breathable. Summer sleeping bags are 1.5 tog or below - for very hot climates, consider 0.5 tog.
  • Baby monitor
Baby toiletries on changing station

Toiletry bag

  • Hair brush

  • Toothbrush

  • Baby lotion/Baby oil

  • Hair & body wash

  • Prescription medicine & skincare

  • Medicine for colds/temperatures

  • First Aid Kit

  • Thermometre

  • Nail scissors

  • Sun cream
    Factor 50 and above for brand new skin.
Baby at the beach wearing a reusable nappy

Beach & Pool

Now for the fun part …

  • Toys

  • UVA popup tent
    If you’re feeling fancy
  • Swimwear

  • Swim nappies
    Did you know these don’t have to be disposable? Our reusable cloth nappies work just as well and make for gorgeous holiday snaps.
  • Sun protection clothing


  • Tupperware for snacks

  • Breast pump

Congratulations! You’ve made it! Now you can relax, slow down and focus on making memories that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy your holiday!

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