Why move to eco nappies?

Why move to eco nappies?

With many mainstream products on the market, you may be wondering why make the move to eco nappies?

We created Kit & Kin eco nappies to be as kind to your baby as they are to our world, so you can trust that your baby's skin is safe with every change.

We’re so proud to be the most accredited eco nappy on the market, and have 58 industry awards to our name.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Plant-based materials on babies skin

Did you know that most mainstream nappies are made from oil? Which is no good for our environment, or sensitive baby skin.

At Kit & Kin our eco nappies use plant-based materials, derived from sugar cane. These sustainable materials are hypoallergenic, super soft on babies skin and kind to our planet.

Only plants on babies' skin

Wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging.

Our eco nappies are sustainable inside and out, and are wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging, which is a fully renewable resource. We’re so proud that we’re the first UK brand in retail to make this change.

Wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging

Affordable price

A lot of people have the misconception that more sustainable options are unaffordable. Compared to Pampers, Kit & Kin is only £2.69 more per month*, and brings a host of positive environmental benefits.

Carbon neutral production in the EU

Many mainstream and eco nappy brands are produced far afield adding a lot of miles to their carbon footprint.

You can be assured that Kit & Kin eco nappies are always produced in a quality factory in the EU with carbon neutral production.

Adorable animal prints for the cutest bottoms around

Each pack of Kit & Kin eco nappies come with 2 adorable animal prints, inspired by the natural world around us and our promise to protect them.

Adorable animal prints for the cutest bottoms around

Protecting our rainforests

Each and every product you purchase from Kit & Kin protects our precious rainforests from deforestation through our partnership with the World Land Trust. Every nappy subscription personally protects 5 trees, which creates 1620l of water and locks in a whopping 13t of carbon.

Delivered to your door, whenever you need.

We offer free customisable delivery of all your eco essentials to your door, whenever you need. With free delivery, and the ability to skip and cancel anytime.

Delivered to your door, whenever you need.

Why not try our eco nappies for yourselves? Explore Kit & Kin eco nappy range here.

***Based on average price across sizes. Base price comparison on Waitrose.com Nov 23. Prices may vary


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