5 signs your baby’s nappy is too small

5 signs your baby’s nappy is too small

When you finally get to bring home your brand new bundle of joy, it’s hard to imagine them ever growing out of their adorably tiny newborn nappy size. It comes as a surprise to most of us how quickly they graduate to size 2 with no signs of slowing down. Size guidelines on nappies overlap by quite a bit and it can sometimes be difficult to know what nappy size might fit baby best. So how do you know when baby’s bumper is due an upgrade? We recommend looking out for these 5 signs that your baby’s nappy is a size too small. And remember, Kit & Kin subscribers get to exchange unopened packs free of charge.

5 signs your baby’s nappy is too small

1.) Leaking
Does your nappy not last as long as it used to between changes or do you suddenly experience frequent leaks? Moving up usually resolves this because bigger nappy sizes offer increased absorbency. If your baby develops a rash overnight, this might also be due to a saturated nappy and the wetness being close to the skin.

2.) Red marks around tummy and thighs
Does little one seem uncomfortable in their nappy? Are you noticing red marks on their tummy where the waistband of the nappy sits or on their thighs around the nappy’s leg cuffs? Are you suddenly noticing sweat around the waistband? Moving up a nappy size will likely resolve all of this.

3.) Poor fit
While a nappy should fit snugly around waist and legs, you want a loose fit at the front and back. Also make sure the nappy is big enough to cover the lower part of baby’s tummy, to just below the belly button. Finally, double check baby’s buttocks are completely covered. For simple steps to a perfectly fitted nappy, have a look at our Ultimate Size & Fit Guide. It also answers every question under the sun on nappy sizing.

5 signs your baby’s nappy is too small

4.) Tabs don’t close comfortably to the centre of the nappy waistband
Are you having to pull the nappy side tabs to get them to close? Are they sitting quite far apart on baby’s tummy when fastened? As soon as you are unable to fasten them without any pulling or wiggling, give the next nappy size up a go.

5.) Mobility
When baby starts to walk and crawl, or is starting to become interested in potty, some parents prefer switching to nappy pants. These will make for extra-quick changes and allow little one to pull them down themselves when getting used to potty. A great way to make toddlers feel more confident and boost their independence.

5 signs your baby’s nappy is too small

Generally, if your little one is on the lower end of the scale for the next nappy size up, making the jump is a good idea. And when in doubt, always go for the bigger size! Trust us, it might just be the perfect solution to your nappy woes.


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