The Ultimate Nappy Size Guide

The Ultimate Nappy Size Guide

Nappy sizes explained

When it comes to choosing the right nappy size for your baby, we get that it can be hard knowing where to start - particularly when it comes to packing a hospital bag for your newborn. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about nappy sizes and fit, so you can make sure your little one is clean, comfy and dry.  

What size nappy do I need? 

Nappy sizes use your baby’s weight rather than age, starting at 0 or 1 for newborns, and going up to 7 or 8 for toddlers. The weight bands for each size will vary from brand to brand, but you’ll find that nappy packaging will clearly display the weight range for each size, so all you need to do is find the size that corresponds to your baby’s weight.

If your little one hasn’t been weighed by your health visitor recently, just step on your bathroom scales whilst holding them, then subtract your own weight. If you don’t have any scales at home, you might find that your local baby group or breastfeeding meet-up will have baby weighing scales set up for you to use.

What sizes do Kit & Kin nappies come in?

Our eco nappies start at size 1 and go up to size 8, which means they can be used from newborn until your little one starts to potty train. 

Size Chart

You’ll notice that the weights overlap - this is generally the same for most nappies. If your baby’s weight falls into two sizes, it’s always best to go for the larger size to avoid any leaks. 

What size nappies does a newborn need?

What size nappies does a newborn need?

Depending on their weight, newborns will use either Size 0 or Size 1 nappies. 

When it comes to choosing which nappies to pack in your hospital bag, our Kit & Kin newborn eco nappies come in Size 1 - perfect for babies weighing between 2-5kg, or 4-11lbs. They even come with umbilical cord cut-outs, to keep your baby’s cord clean and dry. 

How many nappies per day will my newborn use?

Newborn babies may need changing around 10-12 times a day. This might sound like a lot, but generally this phase only lasts for the first month or two. 

To make sure you never run out of nappies when you need them most - often at 3am! - our nappy subscription makes sure you’re always stocked up. 

We recommend that new parents choose our standard bundle of 4 packs, delivered every 3 weeks. Once you know how quickly you go through those packs, you can adjust how many packs you need, and how often your delivery comes. And if you find yourself running low, you can always bring your next delivery forward. 

How many nappies per day will my older baby use?

How many nappies per day will my older baby use?

Older babies might need changing around 6-8 times a day, whilst toddlers might need around 5 nappy changes. For most parents, this is a welcome relief from those newborn days, where it feels like all you do is change nappies!

As your baby gets older, you can easily make sure that your nappy subscription reflects this change in frequency, so you won’t find yourself overstocked.

Is my baby’s nappy too small? 

There a few ways to tell if your baby’s nappy is too small:

  1. Leaking even before the nappy is full

  2. Red marks on their tummy or thighs

  3. Sticky tabs not reaching the centre of the nappy

  4. You’re unable to fit two fingers under the waistband

  5. It’s too tight across their bottom

A well fitting nappy won’t chafe your little one’s skin, and should fully cover their bottoms with a little bit of wiggle-room. As a general rule, if your little one is on the lower end of the scale for the next nappy size up, making the jump is a good idea. And remember, if in doubt, always go for the bigger size! 

When should I switch to pull-ups?

When should I switch to pull-ups?

As your baby gets bigger they’ll move into nappy pants, also known as pull-ups, which are a bit comfier for crawlers and toddlers - and much easier for you to change when they won’t stop wriggling around! So you’ll often find that bigger sizes from 4 upwards will offer a pull-up option too. 

Our eco-friendly nappy pants are available in sizes 4-8, and have been designed to withstand even the wriggliest of toddlers - you can thank us later!

How do I know when it’s time to change my baby’s nappy?

Over time, you’ll get to read your baby’s cues, but there are a few telltale signs that it might be time for a nappy change. 

Aside from the obvious whiff, your little one’s nappy might look and feel bulky at the front, and it’ll be spongy to touch. And if you can visibly see it hanging down at the back, then it’s definitely time for a change. 

Do reusable nappies come in different sizes?

Do reusable nappies come in different sizes?

It depends on the brand. Some cloth nappies come in different sizes, whilst others are suitable from around 8lbs until your little one is ready for potty training. 

Our award-winning Kit & Kin reusable nappies are one size fits all - and you’ll be saving two plastic bottles from landfill with each one. 

We hope we’ve helped you feel a little more confident when it comes to choosing the right nappy size for your baby or toddler.  As long as you know their weight and keep an eye out for the signs of them outgrowing their current nappy size, you’ll keep your little one feeling comfortable. And if all this talk of eco-friendly nappies has made you wonder if it’s worth making the switch to organic nappies, have a read of our article to find out why we believe it is.


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