5 top tips for weaning from Piccolo

5 top tips for weaning from Piccolo

5 top tips for weaning from Piccolo

You’ve just mastered the milk-feeding routine and now you’re about to switch it up to solids. They grow up far too quickly, right? But finally, no more baby FOMO at family dinner. Your kid can finally have a bit of what the adults are eating, even if it is just a pureed version. Arm yourself with these tips and tricks before taking them on their first taste adventure.

You’ll know when they’re ready

It’s funny how intuitive you can be about your own kid. It’s the same when it comes to weaning, you’ll seem to just know. But, we still second guess ourselves. So, if they’re sitting upright, making chewing motions and have mastered hand-to-mouth coordination, you’re ready. Don’t let them fool you though, if they’re chewing their fist or simply reaching for food, it might not be time just yet.

This is your big chance to get creative

Your kid isn’t expecting Cordon Bleu quality but trying new foods is an adventure for them, so let’s make it an exciting one. It’s also an excuse for you to stop eating the same plain old things, pick up some different fruit and veggies and branch out in your own diet. Not sure where to start? Piccolo, one of our favourite organic baby food brands, have got a bunch of recipes your whole family can enjoy.

5 top tips for weaning from Piccolo

Introduce something new at lunchtime

Have you ever tried to do anything important before breakfast? When baby wakes up, the only thing on their mind is feeding. Trying something new? No, thank you. Same goes for evenings: they need sleep and comfort, not some new-fangled food that might taste tangy and unfamiliar.

Get sneaky and inventive

Your kid isn’t going to like everything. If they do, you are a very lucky parent. Fortunately, six-month olds aren’t that savvy, so you always have the option of serving it up in a different way. Chunks of banana being thrown across the room? Serve up some banana yoghurt, or try mashing it up and freezing it for easy banana ice cream. Mix it into something else, keep increasing the quantity until they’re ready to have it by itself.

Don’t stress it if they’re not eating

As much as we’re quick to panic at pretty much anything and everything as a new parent, not eating doesn’t always mean alarm bells. As a kid, there is so much to do beyond eating: crawling about, chasing the cat, causing all sorts of havoc etc. Sometimes food doesn’t top the list or they forget that they’re hungry (we know, hard to believe). That usually doesn’t last long though. Keep milk and food in sight; they soon come back round to it.

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