A letter from our co-founder

A letter from our co-founder

A letter from our co-founder

My name is Christopher Money. I am co-founder of Kit & Kin alongside Emma and I’m very excited to tell you about a recent Kit & Kin project which is very close to my heart.

When we founded the company in 2017, we wanted to build a business that helped to build a better future for children around the world. Three years later and our company has grown thanks to a high performing, ethical product and our wonderful customers who are aligned with our values. 

Recently, more than 80% of customers surveyed said sustainability was the number one reason they chose Kit & Kin. But as well as minimising our impact on the planet, our products also give back. 

A few months ago I took a trip to Guatemala to visit a local NGO called FUNDAECO who run our work for the Kit & Kin Foundation. After three (carbon offset) planes, a long car journey and a very bumpy boat ride I arrived at the remote indigenous village of Barra Sarstún. There I met Marta, FUNDAECO’s coordinator in the village, who showed me the benefit of the work that Kit & Kin customers had contributed to. Every purchased nappy, wipe or item of skincare and clothing had made a difference. 

A difference to people like Erica, the 12 year old girl who now goes to school thanks to our scholarship, and is able to pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher.

A letter from our co-founder

After several days spent living in the village and experiencing first-hand where and how we can help support these communities, I realised we needed to share this message wider.  Protecting acres of rainforest also means we have a responsibility to the people in the indigenous communities who live there. It is one world that we all can help to safeguard. 

I’m delighted that the Kit & Kin Foundation team can now share Erica’s story in her own words, which is just one of many which we’ll be sharing over the coming year. You can watch it in full here:

Thanks for choosing Kit & Kin. Your choice has a big, positive impact and can truly change lives.



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