Baby stays dry for up to 12 hrs - your eco nappy features explained

Baby stays dry for up to 12 hrs - your eco nappy features explained

Baby stays dry for up to 12 hrs - your eco nappy features explained

Here at Kit & Kin we have won top awards for our nappies every year since our launch. That’s because our development team always push to make sure that our nappies are better for your baby, better for our world and that every sale gives back. We’re literally obsessed! 

And today we are very happy to announce some improvements that will make your eco nappy perform even better than before. 

So let’s take a look at these new additions to your eco nappy and why they make a difference to your baby. 

Flash Dry Layer

The first addition is an extra layer inside the nappy, which is called the flash dry layer. This instantly absorbs and locks away liquid, so that baby’s sensitive skin stays dry for longer.

Channel Technology

Next the channel technology helps out. The channels collect the absorbed liquid and evenly distribute it around the nappy. That means it doesn’t all sit at the bottom of the nappy - so no sagging, just secure leak protection!

Dry Nappies = Happy Babies

We know how important dryness is for happy day time adventures - the flash dry layer and channel technology means no more dashes to find clean and spacious changing stations or that guilty feeling when baby has been in a wet nappy too long. With up to 12hr protection from leaks it also vastly increases likelihood of a peaceful and dry night. Something we know is top of your list! 

Better for baby, better for our world and gives back

All of this improvement is at no extra cost to you and is kind to the planet, as our eco credentials are head and shoulders above the rest. 

We can’t wait for you to try them!


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