Fantastic findings from our customer satisfaction survey

Fantastic findings from our customer satisfaction survey

Fantastic findings from our customer satisfaction survey

At Kit & Kin we love speaking to our customers and learning more about why they choose us, what they like most about the brand, and of course how we can continue to improve our service to ensure we always have the very best offering on the market. Customer satisfaction means everything to us! So that’s why we’re over the moon about the results from our recent survey. We asked our subscribers how likely they would be to recommend us to a friend or family member - and a whopping 9 out of 10 (or 93% to be exact) said they would recommend us! This really put a smile on our faces, as happy customers are at the very centre of what we do every day. 

Not only did the results from the survey make us feel very proud, but they also showed just how important protecting the planet is to our customers. We asked what the best aspect of our nappies were, and more than 70% chose the fact that we use plant-based, sustainable materials as number one. It’s really fantastic that so many of us are making small changes to reduce our environmental impact, and motivates us even more to continue developing our products with the latest green technology. 

And to back the point up further, according to our customers the most important reason for signing up to our handy subscription service is to help the environment, with over half of respondents selecting this as their very top priority. Because not only are our nappies made from sustainable materials, but also for every 10 subscriptions, we purchase and protect 1 acre of precious rainforest - so we give back at the same time, helping to safeguard this vital ecosystem for generations to come. Our customers truly are fantastic and we are delighted to hear just how much they care about our world, just as we do too. 

If you have any thoughts on what you love about Kit & Kin or how we could improve, we would love to hear them! Our door is always open at


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