Nudge Your Nursery 2020

Nudge Your Nursery 2020

Nudge Your Nursery 2020

Eco nappies - now more important than ever 

The importance of the rainforest cannot be underestimated, a vital eco system that provides clean air and life saving medicines. At Kit & Kin, we have been a planet friendly company from day one, with a mission to protect rainforests and support the people who live there. 

Our hypoallergenic nappies use sustainable, plant-based materials to reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources and they also give back: for every pack sold, we help to purchase and protect acres of threatened tropical rainforest through the World Land Trust. 

So many nappies! 

It’s great when parents make a positive difference with every nappy change by choosing Kit & Kin, but what about places that use a lot of nappies? There are around 23,000 nurseries in the UK. With all those nappy changes,  imagine what we could achieve if even a small proportion make the switch to Kit & Kin nappies. 

Nudge Your Nursery 2020

That’s why this year we’ve launched a campaign encouraging parents to  #nudgeyournursery to switch to using Kit & Kin, the only nappy that is sustainable and helps to protect the earth’s valuable resources by giving back with every pack. 

Nurseries making the change

Lots of nurseries have been successfully nudged. Nudging your nursery to switch to Kit & Kin nappies can make a real difference - not only will they receive a month's worth for free when they make the change, but we'll also purchase and protect a further acre of precious rainforest for every nursery that switches. 

So your one nudge could make a world of difference. 

So what does a nudge look like? 

A nudge could be one (or all!) of these small actions: 

  1. Tag your nursery on any of our social posts, we’ll pick it up and respond to them.
  2. Comment on their social media, tagging us. 
  3. Create an Instagram story and tag us both! 
  4. Ask them to contact us at about our nursery programme.

One really passionate Mum has started a petition to her nursery group! 

Some great nudge examples: 

Nurseries ahead of the pack

One nursery and lifestyle brand that has used Kit & Kin nappies for years is Maggie & Rose. Created by mums in 2006, Maggie & Rose is an inspiring haven for little ones and grown-ups to come together to eat, play and learn. 

With nursery settings and club houses located in London and internationally, Maggie & Rose are committed to reducing environmental impact and working towards a better future for generations of families to come.

Kit & Kin nappies and wipes were a no-brainer to help deliver upon this goal.

Head of Maggie & Rose Nurseries, Lisa John, says:

‘Our parents love the brand and are happy that we consider both the comfort and the future of their little ones when choosing Kit & Kin. Our little ones adore the cute designs (we have some who want to carry a nappy just because of the little fox they’ve spied!) and, having road-tested them over the last few years, we can honestly say they have never let us down!’

Maggie & Rose

Baby Spice speaks out

Co-founder Emma Bunton created the video below to explain more about how Kit & Kin is supporting nurseries in making sustainable choices for their babies and the wider world. 

What can you do? 

We love that people want to use more sustainable products that give back and protect the environment. We vote with our wallets for the kind of future we want. Nudging your nursery could literally save thousands of precious trees, countless species and support communities that live in these vital areas. 

All you need to do is nudge.


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