Our best ever wipes have arrived

Our best ever wipes have arrived

Have you had the chance to try the new and improved Kit & Kin wipes yet? They combine what you’ve always loved about our wipes with everything else you’ve wanted, wrapped up beautifully in greener, recyclable packaging made from 50% recycled materials.

Our best ever wipes have arrived

This means our wipes are of course still 0% plastic, 99% water and 100% biodegradable. But we’ve added some handy new features to make each nappy change quick, easy and mess free.

So what’s new about them?

  • Interleaved towels ensure each wipe slides out of the pack effortlessly - no clumping and no waste
  • Patented easy dispense lid clicks into place and stays open - so one of your hands can remain holding on to baby

Our best ever wipes have arrived

We’re sure you will love these improvements that we’re so excited to share with you! Because 90% of wipes on the market still contain plastic and we think that’s not OK. So let’s change it together! To get 20% off on your wipes bundle here and save £5, click here. And make sure you let us know how you get on!


eco nappies bundle

from £36.99 £32.00

baby bundle

£50.95 £45.85

bath time bundle

£19.98 £17.98

mum & baby bundle

£86.92 £78.22

mum bundle

£35.97 £32.36

all-in-one duo

£35.98 £34.18

newborn set

£77.97 £74.07

baby wipes bundle

£25.00 £19.99

skincare starter pack

£133.92 £120.52

all-in-one trio

£53.97 £51.27