Supporting baby banks with the Duchess of Cambridge

Supporting baby banks with the Duchess of Cambridge

Supporting baby banks with the Duchess of Cambridge

Giving back has always been and always will be a key part of our ethos. That’s why, during this challenging period, we've brought our giving back programme closer to home. We're honoured to announce that we're taking part in a special initiative led by the Duchess of Cambridge, which aims to highlight the vital role that baby banks have played in supporting families up and down the UK during lockdown.  

Along with 18 other British brands, we've been selected to donate our nappies to three fantastic organisations - Baby Basics, Little Village, and AberNecessities. Did you know that 77% of baby banks desperately need more nappies and other essentials? Baby banks aim to support and empower families by ensuring every child has the basic items they need to thrive, but over the last few months there has been a marked increase in demand. 9 in 10 baby banks say that the pandemic has made it harder to support families in the way that they would want - which is why this initiative is more important now than ever.

The Duchess of Cambridge said: 
“Over recent months, I have heard from families who have been supported by baby banks through the most difficult of times and I have been deeply moved by their stories. Having somewhere to turn to for support is important for all families, and baby banks work every day, up and down the country, to provide immediate, tangible and practical help for parents and carers when they are most in need. Baby banks are driven by incredible volunteers, demonstrating the power of community spirit in supporting families and coming together to raise the next generation. Thanks to the generosity of the companies taking part in this initiative, baby banks across the UK will be able to support even more families through this particularly challenging time.” 

We're incredibly grateful to be able to support and help raise awareness of the brilliant work these charities do, particularly during this uncertain time. To find out more about how you can help, click the links below. Together we really can make a difference. 

Supporting baby banks with the Duchess of Cambridge


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