Your nappies help protect rainforests around the world, acre by acre

Your nappies help protect rainforests around the world, acre by acre

Your nappies help protect rainforests around the world, acre by acre

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a difference just through buying everyday essentials? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve made possible at Kit & Kin. We know that as parents you’re super busy and often environmental issues aren’t at the top of your priority list, so we’re taking care of this for you. Not only do we use sustainable, plant-based materials in our nappy, but also for every 10 customers that sign up to our subscription, we purchase and protect 1 acre of precious rainforest through the World Land Trust. 

In fact, every Kit & Kin product purchased by you helps fund the protection of these vital ecosystems that provide us with clean air, lifesaving medicines and are home to some of the world’s most endangered species. Did you know that just one acre of rainforest can contain up to 86 different tree species, as well as all the amphibians, birds, insects and mammals that depend on them?

But we don’t just purchase the land and leave it there. The World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre programme works with local conservation partners to ensure the permanent protection of these areas, employing frontline rangers to monitor the wildlife and keep threats from illegal loggers, poachers and cattle at bay. After all, the land should be looked after those that know it and cherish it the most. 

One such ranger is Victor, who looks after 600 hectares of community forest in the Cerro San Gil protected area in Guatemala. Not only does this mean that the land is protected, but it also allows him to provide a living for his family and give his children an education. To hear Victor’s story and find out more about how the programme supports both the environment and communities, click the video below.

Thanks to you, we’ve helped fund the purchase of land around the world in Kenya, Zambia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Let’s keep it going!


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